50th Anniversary Book Submission Portal


    50 Welcome to the submission page for Maclay School’s 50th Anniversary Celebration.

    This is a page where you can submit your pictures or your stories from your time at Maclay School.

    Before adding your submission, please make sure that you have included on your document:

    1.      Your full name (include maiden name, if applicable)

    2.      The year in which your graduated

    3.      Who is in the photo, where, and when it was it taken and

    4.      Contact information (email and phone number)

    5.      Additional comments or information are always welcome.

    To add your submission, click the "SIGN IN" link in the upper far right of this page and use the following login information:
    UserName: alumni
    Password: alumni
    Once signed in you can click the ADD button below to enter your stories and upload images.


    If you have any questions, please contact one of the following committee members:

    1968-1979 – Tenley Barnes (tenleybarnes@aol.com)

    1980-1989 – Kelly Kirby (kellykirby@embarqmail.com)

    1990- 1999 – Garrett Kuersteiner Robinson (grobinson@maclay.org)

    2000-2009 – Laura Armstrong (larmstrong@maclay.org)

    2010 – 2017 – Carly Craig (cac14m@gmail.com)

    You can also contact Deborah Mayer at dmayer@maclay.org

    Thank you, Maclay Alumni Association.