•  Middle School Clubs 

    Astronaut Challenge- The Student Astronaut Challenge is an aero-space based competition sponsored by Florida State University and presented with cooperation from NASA and the Kennedy Space Center. The focus of the competition is the mobile Space Flight Simulator which was designed to replicate the retired NASA Space Shuttle. For the last six years, up to 200 Middle and High school students (each year) have converged at the Kennedy Space Center in February to compete in the Astronaut Challenge. Teams travel to Titusville to see who has the right stuff.    Sponsor- Ms. Barton 

    Jr Beta ClubNational Beta Club is the largest independent, non-profit, educational youth organization in America. And for more than 80 years, it has prepared today's students to be tomorrow's leaders.  The mission is to promote the ideals of academic achievement, character, service and leadership among elementary and secondary school students. Sponsor- Mrs. Masferrer, Meets 1st and 3rd Mondays during lunch 

    Brain Bowl- Brain bowl is a part of the National Academic Quiz Tournament. In Brain Bowl, students compete with other students on the local, state, and national level by answering a variety of questions on literature, science, math, and history topics. Sponsor- Ms. Demerssemanmeets Monday 3-4pm, Wed 7:30-8:15am 

    LatinWe prepare for competitions and plan social events and fundraising. Sponsor- Mrs. Perry, meets 2nd Monday of the month in the Langford Library Board Room 

    Math-The Maclay Middle School Math club is a club opened to all students who are interested in learning more about math, regardless of their math level.  Students will work cooperatively to prepare for exciting competitions held at various schools throughout Leon County.   Sponsors- Mrs. MetarkoMrs. Herzog, Mrs. Walker, meets 1st and 3rd Monday 

    Mindful ColoringDo you sometimes feel stressed out or anxious after a long day at school? Don’t fret! The mindful coloring club is here for you. Relax and rejuvenate as you focus on the present moment. Select from a vibrant panoply of gel pens and concentrate on staying between the lines—or not! The mellifluous sound of lo-fi hip hop beats to study and relax to will play pleasantly in the background as you color your worries away! Make the best of your biweekly club option. Join the mindful coloring club and feel the calm that only chromatics can bring. Sponsor- Mr. Combs, meets on Wednesdays 

    Model UN- Students in the MS Model UN Club represent a country in the United Nations and meet at lunch once a week to discuss geopolitics, propose and debate solutions to global issues, and vote on UN resolutions. Sponsor- Mrs. Kutter, meets on Wednesdays in the Café  

    Movie Club  From the latest superhero blockbuster to Alfred Hitchcock's classics, the movie club is all about discovering cinema of any type and trying to get a hands-on experience at directing. We'll learn the basics of directing a scene, different types of camera works, basic editing and apply it directly in short films or scenes we will shoot together or in different groups.   Sponsor- Mr. Tuffigo, meets on 2nd and 4th Friday 

    Middle School Student Council-   Sponsor- Mr. Ramer, meets 2nd and 4th Monday in Café  

    Pep Band- All welcome regardless of experience! Support Maclay groups and teams while having fun.Sponsor- Mrs. Perry, meets on Thursdays in Band room  

    Rock Climbing ClubThe Rock Climbing Club is a middle school club devoted to developing the strength, skills and mindset necessary to climb at any level. We meet weekly for about two hours, from November to March, and drive to Tallahassee Rock Gym. We have short demos, and some coaching is provided. Students have access to top-rope climbing as well as bouldering. Sponsor- Mr. Callahan, TBD at Tally Rock Gym 

    Strategy Gaming- Bring your cards and gameboards or borrow some of mine! All tabletop games that involve strategy (not just chance) are welcome! Sponsor- Mrs. Perry, meets 2nd and 4th Thursday