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    Maclay Parent Organization Mission Statement

    The mission of Maclay Parents' Organization is to keep families engaged and create positivity to strengthen school morale by providing encouragement and reinforcing Maclay School’s Honor Code of being honorable, respectful, and accountable.  MPO strives to enrich the overall experience for students and their families through volunteerism.


    The Maclay Honor Code

    “A Marauder is HONORABLE, RESPECTFUL, ACCOUNTABLE.  I will respect all people and property.  I will be honest in all matters and take responsibility for actions.  At Maclay, we strive to not only make great learners, but also great people.”

  • Event and Committee Chair Descriptions


    • Work with Admissions Office in creating a list of families that are new to Maclay. These families will be matched up with a host family prior to the start of school.
    • Provide host families information in order to make contact and welcome these families to Maclay.
    • Plan the New Families reception in late July/early August.


    • All parents are welcome to come to the courtyard and have some coffee to celebrate the first day of school. This is also an opportunity to sign up for volunteering at events at Maclay. (7:30 am -8:30 am)
    • Set up is in the front of the library courtyard


    • This school wide event is held during the football season. Families come to enjoy festivities including games, music, and food trucks.  It’s like a big tailgating party. (5:30pm-until conclusion of game)
    • Advertise for event
    • Set up for day of:
      • Food trucks
      • Dunking booth (if available)
      • Band/Cheerleaders/Genesis Dancers
      • DJ
      • Face Painting (if available: can utilize art students and teachers)

    COFFEE TALK: MPO and Maclay Guidance Educational Conversation

    • Maclay Guidance holds two sessions a semester (1 per quarter) of discussing issues relevant to what your child is experiencing.
    • Themes are designated per session and will be divided in groups according to school division.
    • Special speakers who are proficient in the area help answer any concerns to each topic.


    • Pre-School and Lower School event where kids bring their dads (or special someone) to have a donut right before school starts. Pre-K hosts their event at their school patio from 7:50 am-8:45 am while Lower School hosts event at the courtyard from 7:30 am-8:30 am.
    • Set up for Lower School is in the library courtyard (must have lower school volunteer)
    • Set up for Preschool is on the Preschool Playground/Inside (must have preschool volunteer)


    • Pre-School and Lower School event where kids invite their grandparents to help showcase achievements. Guests are treated to a themed musical presentation by the kids followed by a reception
    • Lower School Music Teacher is in charge of theme and songs for the event.
    • Light snacks after performances
    • Responsible for food items for Preschool and Lower School
    • Decoration Committee
    • Responsible for invitations and mail out for all grandparents
    • Representatives needed for each school since performances are at different times.


    • Bonding time for Pre-K through 5th grade boys and their moms. Event is always held on a Sunday.
    • Funds itself by selling tickets
    • Volunteers needed for ticket sales at the door


    • One of the biggest events for the Preschool and Lower School girls and their dads. The event is themed with music and food.
    • Funds itself by selling tickets
    • Decorating committee is a must.


    • Pre-K and Lower School event where students bring their moms in the morning for a muffin. Guests are treated to a little music and a sweet craft.
    • Coffee/Muffins for both preschool and lower school
    • Lower School and Preschool have representatives for each.


    • We show our appreciation to the hard working maintenance staff by giving them a nice lunch and a small gift. (Maintenance staff provides all of the tables and chairs for set up for each event).


    • Junior Mothers volunteer to run the event for the Senior Mothers. Usually the mothers are treated to a nice lunch at an off-site location close to the end of the year.
    • Video is showed. Same video that is played at the 100 day count down.
    • Special keepsake to moms is presented at the event. 


    • Committee members help coordinate daily themes. 


    • AP students (Upper School) are the first students to have their finals. Hot and Cold Brew will be offered to those testing just prior to exams beginning.
    • Volunteers are needed for set up and clean up.


    • Sausage or Plain Biscuits and water are distributed during break to all Upper School Students and Teachers as a part of Upper School Appreciation.
    • Volunteers are needed to serve all of the food and drinks.


    • Coffee and pastries are provided on a specific final exam day to Upper School Students.
    • Volunteers are needed to help set up and clean up.

    The partnership of Student Affairs and MPO has always been very active.  Maclay Parents Organization donates time or money to the following events:

    • CONVOCATION RECEPTION: MPO donates money toward water & provides servers to hand out to student body.
    • INTERCLUB COUNCIL MEETING: MPO volunteers help distribute popcorn or other snacks during event.
    • HONOR CODE SIGNING RECEPTION: MPO donates money towards the cake and provides servers during this Upper School tradition. 
    • NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY CEREMONY: MPO volunteers help serve cake and helps set up the reception.  Paper Goods are donated through MPO.

    Additional events run by Advancement or Faculty Sponsored that MPO contributes resources:

    • Maclay Auction
      • Volunteers are needed for the biggest school fundraiser of the year.
    • Student Assemblies
      • Attendance shows support for faculty and students.
    • Character Development Series
      • Professional Parent volunteers have an opportunity to speak to students and families on topics of the month. (i.e. physicians, lawyers, motivational speakers, coaches, cultural affairs or international organizations)
    • Celebration of the Arts
      • Volunteers help coordinate the Food Trucks, The Art Stations, and assist the Fine Arts Department on logistics.
    • Junior Interview Series
      • Professional Parent volunteers become interviewers to help Juniors with resume, college and professional interviews. Usually the interviewers are gathered every other Wednesday.  Heather Bas, the Dean of Students is the coordinator of each series.  This is a great way to help guide students and direct them into a mentorship or internship program.  One of the most rewarding experience.
    • Founders Day
      • Advancement coordinates all logistics and MPO volunteers according to festivities planned.

    Maclay Parents Organization is much more than event planning.  MPO has designated coordinators assigned to responsibilities outside the scheduled events.  Each Division (Preschool, Lower, Middle, Upper) has their own representative responsible for sending information to all families regarding MPO and individual school events.  The Preschool and Lower School have classroom parents.  The representatives are responsible for ensuring each classroom parent has info regarding school wide events. Each classroom parent has additional responsibilities that apply to their designated grade.  Middle and Upper School representatives work closely with the Assistant Head of Schools and Deans of Students.  The reps are responsible for giving most of the communication specific to the division.  Since the Middle and Upper Schools have few school wide events, they have student socials and school trips where parents can participate by donating supplies or chaperoning. 

    • PreK Representative: Stacey Houston will reach out in regards to what is needed.
    • Lower School Rep: Susie Baker-Lapp and MPO Chair will reach out in regards to what is needed. (see above paragraph).
    • Middle School Rep: Barbara Rubio-Gomez will reach out in regards to what is needed.
    • Upper School Rep: Charles Beamer will reach out in regards to what is needed.

    MPO also consists of important people that help coordinate the needs of the organization. These are the following committees and their responsibilities:                     

      • Work with Admissions Office in creating a list of families that are new to Maclay. These families will be matched up with a host family prior to the start of school
      • Provide host families information in order to make contact and welcome these families to Maclay
      • Plan the New Families Reception in late July/early August
      • A team that helps bring items for various events and serves if needed. This committee must have accessibility to Maclay on a short notice basis
      • Implement and assist Maclay with programs and initiatives that promote environmental responsibility
    • BOX TOPS
      • Collecting, counting and sending in the box tops
      • Advertise, organize challenge parties
      • Check the various spots/ sort/donate
        • LOWER SCHOOL: The common area (in breezeway behind doorway to playground)
        • CARTEE GYM: Near Scott Eagan’s office and entrance to Black Box Theater
        • DINING HALL: The hallway near after school office (near restrooms)
        • MIDDLE SCHOOL: Directly across from MS Office by Girls Restroom
        • HIGH SCHOOL: The hallway in front of the athletic director’s office
        • Sort, collect, tag all donated “gently used” uniforms and resold items for $1
        • Responsible for collecting the money donated and sent to the Maclay Business Office to apply to overall MPO budget
        • Requires efficiency, patience, and organization skills. In the past couple of years, MPO has increased the overall budget due to the collection of uniform resale items. (MPO is gracious for all the hard work put forth towards this project)
        • Some items are available in the clothing cabinet at the front office for purchase
        • Responsible for collecting items purchased through online shopping via the Maclay website, Marauder Nation.
        • Elite Sporting Goods is our vendor and helps the coordinator by keeping track of the items sold. Every few months they provide a check from the profits of the online site

    Maclay Parents Organization evolves with the change of time.  As years progress, we have tools to enhance brand recognition, awareness, and outreach. MPO now has a webpage accessed through the main Maclay School website.  Also, please show your pride in our parent organization by using the #mpolife along with #truebluemaclay on your social media.

  • MPO Handbook

    All parents of Maclay School are members of Maclay Parents Organization.  MPO coordinates school events, provides support to staff, and creates a memorable experience for those who volunteer.  Maclay Parents Organization uses events for parents and families to come together in a safe and social environment. 

    MISSION:  The mission of Maclay Parents Organization is to provide an enriching experience filled with positivity to strengthen school moral using encouragement and reinforcing Maclay School’s Honor Code of being honorable, respectful, and accountable.  MPO strives to enrich the overall experience for students and their families through volunteerism.  MPO is about making friends while supporting students and faculty as they experience fun events while at Maclay School.

    PARTICIPATION:  Every parent has an opportunity to support by volunteering on committees throughout the school year.  This parent organization encourages you to find a way to participate that accommodates your lifestyle.

    • Come to the Maclay Parents Organization meetings. All meetings will be held at the Dining Hall or Meeting Room within the Dining Hall. The Dining Hall and Meeting Room must be reserved through Cristy Stout in the Head Office prior to use.
    • Sign up for committees. MPO has a standard of 14 prescheduled events throughout the school year.  Each event consists of at least one committee chair and several slots for members to help.  Sign-up sheets are usually found during orientation, open house, and the first event of the season, the Welcome Back Coffee.  If you missed a chance to sign up during those times, the Maclay School Communications Director sends e-blasts with online Sign-Up    If an online Sign-Up is not provided by the Committee Chair, you can easily email MPO@maclay.org to sign up for the event you desired to participate in or email the MPO Secretary.  Also, please see the “Click Here to Volunteer” link on the MPO webpage.
    • Participation does not necessarily mean volunteering at every event. MPO’s mission is to keep parents engaged and informed.  Due to scheduling conflicts with work, some parents are unable to physically be at events. Some of the scheduled events may be in need of prepared foods, drinks, or supplies.  If you want to contribute in baking, cooking, or donating drinks to the events, you can easily contact your Committee Chair to schedule a “drop off” time.  After every event, Maclay Parents Organization always takes the time to thank our supporters through recognition by email and social media.  We are very proud of Maclay School and strive to give everyone an opportunity for a positive experience.  Parents can participate as little or as much as they choose.  Any help is greatly appreciated.
    • Appreciation is key. MPO strives to show students and faculty how much we care through little acts of appreciation.  After most events, any extra treats or flower arrangements left over are given to the staff. Volunteers deliver them in the designated teacher lounges.
    • Understanding the MPO budget is helpful for all parties involved. The combination of sales from the School Supply kits, Maclay School Store, Uniform Resale, donations, and sponsorships in other MPO events help to create the budget for the year. In order to be successful, each event must meet budgetary requirements.  In the past couple of years, Maclay Parents Organization has been able to cover all of the events with some money left over.  The left over money is carried over to the following year.  Maclay Committee Chairs are responsible for maintaining the budget for their designated events.
    • The Responsibility of an MPO Committee Chair are as follows:
      1. Assign specific duties to volunteers. Some tasks may need more than one person. (i.e. Logistics)
      2. Early preparation is crucial. Once designated as a committee chair, gathering information from the previous year is your responsibility.  The past information can be used as a “guideline” for the event.  Awareness through social media, flyers, and signage are tools to help events get the word out.  Committee Chairs are responsible for contacting the MPO Secretary/Communications Rep who will then contact Maclay School Communications Department (Kim McWilliams) for advertising through e-blasts, Facebook, and Instagram.  If you want to have your event advertised on the electronic signs located at the front and back entrances, please contact the MPO Secretary to set up with Cristy Stout in the Main Office. Cristy schedules the Maintenance Crew for all set up.  Maintenance Crew are in charge of all table and chair set ups so Committee Chairs must be responsible for setting the exact time, date, and precise location of an event.  Since Maintenance is a big part of our events logistics, we ask Committee Chairs and Members to always be positive and appreciative when asking for assistance.
      3. Extravagance is not always the best. Depending on the event, the committee chair can decorate as desired.  Keeping the budget in mind, anything costing over the intended budget will be the Committee Chair’s responsibility.  MPO has many ways of keeping things economical and easy. Please contact the MPO Treasurer, Loan Nguyen, for all financial concerns.
      4. Understand how much inventory is needed to run the event. Most of the supplies are already located in the MPO Cottage.  Every bin is labeled and categorized by events. Make sure you utilize the unused items first before spending money on supplies.  This will save you on your budget.
      • Inventory Sign-Out sheet must be filled out. The inventory supply sheet is located on the wall next to the light in the MPO supply room.
      • If additional supplies are needed to be purchased for the event, the Committee Chair or Member is responsible for the reimbursement procedures.
      • All tablecloths must be signed out. Used tablecloths free of stains should be dry-cleaned and hung back the rack.  Dry cleaning bills may also be submitted for reimbursement.
        • Purchases must be documented by scanning or taking a picture of the receipt within TWO DAYS OF PURCHASE and then texted or emailed to the MPO Treasurer, Loan Nguyen, and MPO Chair. You must hold on to the receipt so MPO can reimburse you for your purchase. Reimbursements are processed through the Maclay Business Office located at the front of the school.  The MPO Treasurer is responsible for filling out the paperwork and attaching the receipt and submitting to business personnel.  (This is extremely important so that the expense is paid from the correct MPO account which in turn affects the accuracy of our annual budget) This transaction will then be documented and emailed back to you for confirmation.
        • If the volunteer decides to donate supplies and refuses a reimbursement, the picture of the receipt must still be submitted so that the following year, it can be noted in the budget. (If the volunteer fails to submit the receipts, the following year’s budget will not be accurate).