• Second Grade

    “Road Rules”


    School Day -We have a busy schedule in second grade. School begins promptly at 8:15, so please make sure your child is on time. School ends at 3:00, but the homeroom teachers remain at parent pick up until 3:15. As a courtesy, a faculty member provides supervision until 3:30 as needed. Please let your child's teacher know if your child will be going to After School Kids (A.S.K.) program on any days.

    Communication-Some teachers and students have specific allergies. Please make sure your child does not use any heavily scented shampoos or body lotions. Also, pets cannot be brought for Show and Tell due to student allergies. If your child has a particular allergy, please notify the teacher.

    Important Needs- A weekly newsletter will be sent home at the beginning of the week by email. Check your email regularly because all other classroom information will be sent by email as well. If you need to contact one of the second grade teachers, feel free to send an email. However, please call the front office for any messages that need to be relayed quickly.

    Spelling-The weekly spelling can be found on any of the second grade websites. They will be posted on the weekend if you would like to begin studying early. Also, a list of "Super Speller" words will be optional for all students. These words are more challenging but will only be used to help their grades. The words will be posted in the classroom all week and we will use them in daily assignments. Spelling tests will be given on Fridays and sentence dictation will be on Thursdays unless otherwise noted.

    Homework-Homework will be given on Monday through Thursday nights to reinforce skills learned in class. It is important that your child complete his/her homework independently. However, we encourage you to check over the work for accuracy and to be sure it is completed neatly. This approach will show the children you are stressing the same high standards that we do at school. Any books taken home (particularly the math book) must be returned the next day since we use them daily. Homework is important but not meant to be stressful. Please let me know if homework is taking your child more than 45 minutes.

    Weekly Papers -Weekly papers will be sent home on each Friday. Please go over the papers with your child, as this can be a valuable tool in assessing your child's progress. Sign the parent form and return with your child on Monday so we know that you have seen your child's work. Your child's grades will also be posted regularly in the parent portal.

    Physical Education -We have P.E. Class each Monday through Thursday, with Free Play Fridays. Tennis shoes are required. In order to be excused from P.E. class a not must be sent in signed by the parent.

    Snack-We will have time for snack each morning. Please send in a healthy snack each day for your child. Please avoid candy and sweets. If your child would like to bring a treat to share with the class on his/her birthday, please advise the teacher ahead of time.

    Lunch-Lunch is at 11:30 in the dining hall. The children may bring their lunches or purchase them. We encourage you to use the online prepaid lunch program. If money is sent in for that day, please send it in an envelope with your child's name, the name of the teacher, and the lunch you would like them to purchase. Please discourage your children from charging extra items such as dessert.

    No-No’s-No toys should be brought to school except for their share day. Children are not allowed to phone home for forgotten items or to arrange after-school activities. We feel this will encourage your child to accept the responsibility of planning ahead and keeping up with necessary items. The children are not allowed to keep pencil holders, extra notebooks, or other gadgets on or in their desks because of limited workspace and storage.

    All About Me Star Poster During one week of the year, each student will be featured. Prior to that time, the student will be given a poster to decorate with pictures of interests and family members.

    Your child is very important to us. We strive to make the learning environment a happy, healthy place for your child to grow and thrive. We are excited about a great year!


    Warmest regards,

    Allison Ruff