A Welcome From Mr. Milford

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    From Tallahassee’s humble beginnings as a destination city for some of the country’s brightest and most potent thinkers arose a demand for an education unlike any other available in the area. Maclay School was established in a challenging and uncertain time, where the teachers and parents came together to build an ambitious and practical mission. These leaders put in long hours and countless sacrifices to make sure the children were well-educated, loved, and pushed to their limits. As the story goes, the first workspaces were folding card tables that teachers brought from home. Today, Maclay has grown to PreK-12 school with 1000 students and continues to hold its position as the largest and only independent school in the Big Bend region. It aggressively seeks the best in its students while remaining an unequaled partner with parents. Card tables have been upgraded, and in some cases, workspaces have been replaced with computer stations. Still, on our beautiful sun-drenched campus, teachers bring their all to this community to work with students and the families who bring the same. The question we all must ask is, what will I bring?

    Milford As we enter our 52nd school year, we honor the established traditions and strive toward forging new paths for the school, all the while keeping the mission of Maclay as our guide. I look forward to exploring the mission deeply this year to, as it states, “enable each student to develop inherent ability to the fullest.” There is much to be said about the cognitive and non-cognitive assets students bring to the table and how to develop each in their own way. I honor the fact that each child is a different learner and it is essential for a healthy parent, student and teacher relationship to be in place to ensure every child’s experience at Maclay is the very most it can be. I look forward to continuing to develop a culture of collaboration with you.

     Yours in Maclay,

    James Milford
    Head of School