• iPad Initiative Q & A:
    If you have questions about our iPad initiative please email the director of technology at peter@maclay.org
    The questions listed here have come from various sources, the answers are meant to be brief.  If you need additional information please contact the technology department at: 850-894-0911
    Q:   Why is Maclay using iPads?
    A:   The use of tablet devices enable students to have one to one access to computing and on-line resources.  Our faculty has found the iPad fits these needs in the grade levels they will be used.
    Q:  Why aren't all grades using iPads or laptops?
    A:  Maclay is carefully evaluating how technology and computing resources are best integrated into the curriculum are each level.
    Q:  What is a Student Apple ID?
    A:  Apple's terms of use only allows Apple IDs for people 13 years of age or older.  To allow the use of iPads in the classrooms, Apple has created the Students Apple ID program.  more details can be found here: https://www.maclay.org/Page/4211
    Q:  Can I use the Apple ID I already have?
    A:  Apple IDs for children under 13 are different than other Apple IDs.  Students need their own Apple ID so they can use it during school.
    Q:  Will my child be able buy anything they want with their Apple ID?
    A:  We require purchasing an iTunes gift card to use as a funding payment source on the Student Apple ID.  This means that with a $25 gift card only $25 of Apps can be purchased.
    Q:  What do we do if my child's iPad is damaged?
    A:  If you have Apple Care or Apple Care Plus. first contact Apple to see if the damage is covered.
    A:  If you do not have coverage you can have an iPad still repaired through Apple.  Please read Apple options here: https://www.apple.com/support/ipad/repair/screen-damage/
     A:  There also are local (Non-Apple) repair businesses that do screen replacements, battery, etc.  Maclay does not have specific recommendations but local businesses can easily be found with a web search for: iPad repair Tallahassee.
     Q:  How can I setup Parental Restrictions on my child's ipad?
    A:  Apple's Parent Guide can be found here:  http://www.apple.com/education/docs/Apple_ID_Parent_Guide.pdf
    Q: Will Maclay school setup Parental restrictions on the student's devices
    A:  The only type of restrictions the school will require will be those used during the school day to conform to classroom policy.  Example; students should not be playing off task games or using their devices in a distracting way.
     Q:  How do I add an iTunes Gift Card to my child's iPad?
    A:  Open the App Store App, scroll to bottom of page and tap Redeem.  You will be prompted for the Apple ID password, then you can enter the Gift Card Code.
     Q:  What iOS version should the iPad be using?
    A: The iOS is the Apple iPad Operating System version.  Please update the iPad to the most current version for the start of school.
    Q:  What type of headphones will my child need for iPad use in class?
    A:  Basic ear buds with Mic.  Please do not send Large or Expensive headphones to leave at school.  Ear Buds can be purchased from many local retail stores or on-line.  As an example you can see this search result: iPad headphones
    Q:  How can I tell what model ipad I currently have
    A:  On the back of your iPad it will  have some VERY small writing.  In that text will be the Model.  It will Start with an A followed by 4 numbers.  This model number can be referenced on the chart at the following link:
    Q:  What type of case do i need to purchase for the iPad?
    A:  Please get a case that covers the iPad from all sides including the screen.  There are a wide variety of cases available online and in local stores.
    Q: Does Maclay School provide any cloud storage so the iPad doesn't get full?
    A:  We recommend having at least 15 to 20 GB of free space for Apps and content on the iPad.  Maclay Students do get 1,000 GB of cloud storage through OneDrive that is part of the Office 365 suite.  Students can download for free full (not limited) versions of iPad Apps for OneDrive, Word, Excel, Power Point and OneNote.  Students are also licensed to install the full Office suite on a home computer Mac or PC through their school Office 365 account. Instructions for installing Microsoft office at home.
    Q:  How can I delete Apps from the iPad?
    A: You can Tap and Hold on an icon for an App until it wiggles and shows an x in the upper left corner.  Tap the x and the App will be removed from the iPad device.  The App is still available in your Apple ID account for re-downloading.
    Q:  If I purchased Apps under my (parent) Apple ID, can I send them to my child's iPad.
    A:  Apple does not provide a way to share or give Apps across Apple IDs.  A purchase made with one Apple ID can one be installed on a device using that Apple ID.
    ** Update: Apple now has Family Sharing.  This allows up to 6 Apple ID to join a family group and share purchases. 
    Read about Family Sharing 
    Q: can I have 2 users or 2 Apple IDs on an iPad?
    A: No iPads are single user devices, there is no way to keep Apps or content separate on an iPad  (reference: Apple https://discussions.apple.com/thread/4549980 )