I-Pad Models

  • There are a number of IPad models available.
    The Minimum Specifications for the current school year:
    • IPad Generation 4 or Newer
    • 32 GB storage
    • iOS 10.x
    • Full size iPad (Not Mini)
    • Protective case / Cover (we have seen good protection from cases that surround the edges of the ipad as well as have a flap that covers the screen.)
     * Be aware the iPad Pro has two 'full size' options: the standard 10.5 inch and the new larger 12.9 inch.
    The 10.5 inch size has worked well for lower school students.  Before getting the larger model, consider the additional size and bulk in the student carrying from room to room, putting in their cubby and back packs. 
    Apple usually comes out with a new model in late fall of each year.
    You can view the different models and how to tell what model you have at the follow Apple Article: