Q&A About the Nomination Process


    Who determines who wins the awards?

    The Distinguished Alumnus Award winner is determined by a selection committee with a vote of the Alumni Board and final approval by the Head of School. 

    Sitting on that committee are:


    Alumni Association Executive Board members (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer)

    1 At-Large Alumni Board member

    2 Administrators/Faculty members, current or retired

    Alumni Coordinator


    The Executive Board members serve a 2 year term; the At-Large Board member is elected by the Board each year at their February meeting; and the Administrator/Faculty members serve 3 year terms with the option to re-new.


    The Selection Committee submits a slate to the Alumni Board.  The Board votes on the slate and the approved slated is submitted to the Head of School for final approval.



    Do I need to re-submit my nominations each year?


    Submitted nominations are rolled over for consideration for the next five years.  You do not need to re-nominate your candidate each year.

    2014 nominations are good through 2018; re-nominate your candidate in 2019
    2015 nominations are good through 2019; re-nominate in 2020
    2016 nominations are good through 2020; re-nominate in 2021
    2017 nominations are good through 2021; re-nominate in 2022
    2018 nominations are good through 2022; re-nominate in 2023
    2019 nominations are good through 2023; re-nominate in 2024
    2020 nominations are good through 2024; re-nominate in 2025


    What is the schedule for determining the award winners?


    Nominations for 2019 are to be submitted by March 15, 2019.  The Selection Committee will review and verify the submitted nominations.  The Award Winners will be honored at Homecoming & Alumni Reunion Weekend 2019.