Student Code of Conduct

    Interscholastic athletic competition should demonstrate high standards of ethics, sportsmanship, and promote the development of good character and important life skills. The highest potential for this demonstration is achieved when participants are committed to pursuing victory with honor. ALL Maclay student-athletes are expected to uphold the highest standard of the Maclay Honor Code by leading WELL in the classroom, community, and sports arena
    Honor Code Emblem
    Bullying, profane language, and derogatory remarks on the basis of race, gender, religion, or sexuality will not be tolerated. Student-athlete are expected to honor their community and their sport by respecting their peers, coaches, officials, and opponents.  Student-athletes who do not uphold the integrity of this Code will be held accountable. Sanctions may include suspension, dismissal from the team, or referral to the school's Disciplinary Committee. Suspension or termination of the participation privilege is within the sole discretion of Maclay Administration.