The Maclay Fund



    Every family is asked to make a gift to the Maclay Fund at the beginning of each school year. We encourage you to make a gift that is commensurate with your family's financial ability. Gifts of every amount are welcome and appreciated, and all gifts matter.  

    The Maclay Fund THE fundraising priority at our school and help to provide our students with excellent programs, our faculty with exceptional professional development and continue to upgrade our beautiful campus. Your partnership and support are truly appreciated. Together, we can Go Further 


    We are grateful for the support of parents, grandparents, alumni and friends who choose to take an active role in a student’s future by investing in our school through the Maclay Fund. The size and flexibility of the Maclay Fund ensure our ability to provide significant enhancements and resources needed to grow Maclay's distinctive educational, athletic, and artistic excellence. 

    A partnership of financial support, active participation, and a school with a clear mission and vision spells success for the students you have entrusted to us. The Maclay Fund serves as the primary fundraising campaign for our School. 

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