• Welcome to the Technology Overview Page.
    Here are some details of what the Technology Department has been working on during the school year: 
    • We have additional interactive touch Smart Boards that have been installed in the classroom in grades K thru 12.  Every classroom has a Document Camera and overhead LCD Projector and most use Smart Board touch interactive systems. Many classes K-12 have also implemented classroom sounds systems to ensure students hear the teacher's instruction no matter where in the room they are working.
    • Lower school faculty use Teacher and classroom iPads in concert with their faculty laptop for daily lessons.  Middle and upper school share an iPad cart, 5 laptop carts and computer labs in lower, middle and upper school.
    • We will be adding more document cameras to classrooms to integrate with these A/V systems to allow the display and exploration of 2D and 3D objects.
    • Our library has purchased new furniture designed for technology and collaboration.
    • In addition to our technology integrationist, we have 2 full-time directors of teaching and learning to assist faculty in various areas of the curriculum.
    • We are currently using 64-bit processors and a 64-bit version of the Windows Operating system to take advantage of more RAM memory. 
    • We are using Office 365 for cloud services including email, calendaring, cloud storage, collaboration services, and desktop applications.

     Of course, for years we have been providing:

    • Students in 4-12 grades with individual user accounts and server storage space.
    • Students in 4-12 grades with Maclay hosted email accounts
    • Content filtering and email filtering to help ensure the appropriateness of materials accessed online.
    • Remote VPN access for students and faculty to access the files on Maclay's server from home.
    • Student computers in the library
    • A laptop computer for each faculty member
    • Continuous monitoring and upgrading of the campus network infrastructure to ensure we have the capacity to meet the needs of students and faculty.
    • Continuous monitoring and upgrading of the data center servers and storage to anticipate and meet the needs of an ever more digital culture on campus.

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