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    Guide to Grammar and Writing

    Includes quizzes to help you practice


    Includes worksheets and quizzes


    Published by Google, includes links to other pages

    From About.com

    Grammar worksheets, games, and quizzes

    KISS Grammar Site

    Go to the bottom of this page for workbooks with exercises to teach you the skills we"re working on

    Purdue University Online Writing Lab

    Grammar information and practice

    Guide to Weblog Comments

    Very good information about the etiquette of participating in on-line conversations.

    Paradigm Online Writing Assistant

    Advice and information about every aspect of the writing process.

    Internet Movie Database

    A searchable website which includes information about the casts of movies and television shows, as well as photos and video.

    Diana Hacker"s MLA Guide

    This site includes a nifty little drop-down list to help you find the correct format for MLA citations, as well as a great deal of other information about research.

    Searching the Web

    Searching advice from librarians at the University of Oregon

    Web Searching

    Tips from searchenginewatch.com, a group dedicated to improving web searching and identifying search engine problems.

    Evaluating Sources

    Information from the librarians at Cornell University

    Literature Websites

    Academy of American Poets

    Information about Poets, as well as copies of poems

    American Literature Pages

    This site includes pages on American authors, literary movements, a timeline, and American literature sites.

    American Rhetoric

    Rhetorical Devices in Sound. Includes both definitions and sound and movie clips exemplifying the devices.

    Perspectives in American Literature

    Links and references on American literature

    Poem of the Week

    An on-going anthology of poetry, founded in August 1996.

    Poetry Out Loud

    Poems and resources for use in the Poetry Out Loud contest to be held next winter.

    Prosody Review

    Information about the study of poetic rhythm, stress, and meter.
    Miscellaneous Links