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Middle School French Teacher

Maclay School is seeking a Middle School French teacher.  Extreme comfort and passion teaching French concepts is a requirement.  In addition, the middle grades require the desire to be an amateur social psychologist and the accompanying ability to engage, inspire and engender value of the subject matter to students. A skilled craftsman or craftswoman who appreciates the building blocks required to teach French to the minds of students who require different strategies for constructing their understandings.  We are not only seeking a specialist in the language,  but a specialist in student learning, with an appreciation and love for the possibilities learning French offers to a life.  


Our French teacher must be fluent in people and able to speak to teachers, parents and students in a way that makes the subject matter valuable, approachable, and rewarding.  Furthermore, an unmistakable concern for each child and their individual learning is a necessity.  An appropriate Bachelor’s degree is required and a Master’s in the area is preferred.

All interested in this position should contact: Pat Ashcroft, pashcrof@maclay.org.