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Students Attend FAMU School of Environement Program


fa FAMU School of the Environment hosted a great day for high school students in the Big Bend. Maclay students Anna Kaji and Stafford Winchester enjoyed a presentation by the Dean of the School, Dr. Ibeanusi, on how to use the pipette and gave several inspirational messages to the students.  He grew up in Nigeria and walked eight miles every morning as a young child, with his sister, to get the daily drinking water supply for his family-- BEFORE his 8 am school started. Dr. Ibeanusi became a microbiologist to make water more accessible in the world. 

Undergrad students also presented their research and internship fam experiences-all of which were paid internships-to ‘show’ the students their research and work in the environment.  FAMU has paid internships for undergrad interns each summer-even before they start their first term. The presentations were from research done in Georgia, South Florida, Connecticut, French Polynesia (in S. Pacific) and New Zealand, in conjunction with programs at Yale, Savannah State, UCLA and UC-Berkeley.