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Time to Be Thankful (and Thoughtful)

I have watched over the past week as our nation was tested in a way that has strained relationships, ended friendships, and placed our countrymen and women at odds with each other.  When we arrived at Maclay on Wednesday morning of last week, we were primed and ready for the emotions, high and low; that arrived that day.  Central to our philosophy is a belief in civility and the value of each student in our community; belief in a safe environment, while carefully holding to our non-sectarian mission.   


I must say this was difficult for many of our community members, but it is one of the many opportunities we use to teach our students to respect their fellow man, be honorable even when it does not feel good and only speak words you are willing to be held accountable for.  We have received and fielded countless questions from our youngest students up to our seniors, and I must say that our faculty and staff have performed in an excellent manner.  There are obviously multiple sides to the divisiveness we have been dealing with for many years in our society.  However, Maclay remains faithful to our mission of providing an excellent education to each of our students in a safe and nurturing environment. 


As we approach the Thanksgiving season, I wanted to take a moment to tell you how thankful and proud I am of our school. Although not perfect, it has remained and will continue to be a place of mutual respect for all voices to be heard and for all students and families who support our mission to feel safe. 


We will continue to train our faculty and staff and talk with our students in an age appropriate way about how we expect a Marauder to act and impact the world they inhabit.  I am impressed with the kind and compassionate way our faculty and students care for each other.  We expect angst and normal developmental conflict with 1000 students in a tight space learning and growing together, but we also plan to stay on the high ground in how we respect and deal with each other. 


Lastly, I am thankful for the families who choose to invest and trust our exceptional school with the most formative portion of their child’s education.  The partnership and trust we share together are the best support we can give these future leaders. Regardless of your beliefs, this will not be the last time our devotion to the Maclay cause will be tested; however, we are a strong, diverse, supportive, sincere, and loving community that will see each other through our toughest of days. 


Thankfully yours, 

James Milford