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Honor: Making of a Marauder

signing This past spring, Head of School James Milford turned to a group of faculty, board members, and Upper School students to examine Maclay’s sixteen-year-old Honor Code. “We felt that the Honor Code should be understood and meaningful to a 1st grader and a 12th grader and all those in between,” said Mr. Milford. "Most important is that the new honor code applies to everyone."

The new Honor Code which is found in every classroom reads as follows:

A Marauder is Honorable, Respectful, and Accountable.

I will respect all people and property. I will be honest in all matters and take responsibility for my actions.

Milford also wanted to create something tangible to represent the meaning and significance of the Honor Code,honor coin which resulted in the creation of the Honor Coin. “In any culture, it’s important to have symbols,” said Mr. Milford, “and we want the coin to be a symbol of excellence, honoring those who live all aspects of life honorably and extraordinarily.”

A custom coin was designed and created this summer and approximately ten coins will be awarded each year to deserving members of our Maclay community. Students, faculty, or administrators can nominate recipients for consideration by one of the three division heads. "As Maclay is approaching its 50th year and its 3,000th graduate, we need to think about our traditions and the legacy they will leave on our community," said Mr. Milford. “Honor, high character, and excellence are the ideals that Maclay was built on and continues to expect.”

In supporting the importance of the Honor Code, an Honor Signing ceremony is held each year and has become one of the most memorable traditions for the Upper School students and faculty. The Honor Signing is a formal ceremony in which all freshmen, new students, and new faculty add their signature to the Honor Book to indicate their participation in the Maclay Honor Code system. Those who have already signed the book give a verbal affirmation of their support and adherence to the Honor Code. The Honor Roll book is displayed in a case in the library for future generations to see reminding us of the traditions, values, and expectations that comes with being a Marauder.

By Elspeth Suber, a charter member and senior at Maclay who is in the Direct Independent Studies for Communications.