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Community Service

Community Service is an important part of the Maclay student experience. There are many opportunities on and off campus where our students can serve others.  See the list below for organizations seeking volunteers.

Jeffrey Gabor Junior Interview Series

Maclay Juniors will participate in a mock interview experience. For the first series, students will participate in a video chat. Possible dates are 1/25/17, 2/8/17, and 2/22/17. The second series will include a face-to-face interview on campus. Possible dates are 3/29/17, 4/12/17, and 4/26/17. Parents, alumni, and members of the community with vast experience in interviewing  will come to our campus to lead students through this process. Students will have received preparation materials before and will receive feedback from the interviewer upon conclusion. 


If you are interested in serving as an interviewer, please click here to sign up. Please contact Heather Bas at hbas@maclay.org with any questions. 

Class Info

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Fresh Academy



Maclay Upper School recognizes the many new academic and social expectations for all students transitioning into high school. Sometimes the transition can be difficult. The Freshman Academy at Maclay School helps provide all freshmen with tools to help them get on the right path for a successful high school career and prepared for college.  Click here to read more.