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Milford Blog: The Heart of the Mission

m I welcome everyone back to an already vibrant school year. We have been working hard all summer on classes, training, facilities, and our 100 beautiful acres to be ready for your return. I’m so encouraged by the outpouring of positive spirit and support by our students and families in these first weeks.


There is no doubt Maclay School demands high performance and there is resulting stress that comes from those high expectations. We appreciate the partnership you show in taking care of and supporting our students as we fulfill our mission to reach and challenge EACH student.


One item making Maclay School unique is our mission-driven philosophy. Our mission is this:


Maclay School is an independent, non-sectarian, college preparatory school dedicated to providing a liberal arts education, enabling each student to develop inherent ability with a balance of discipline and freedom.


This mission is posted in every classroom and guides all of our decisions. I wanted to take the opportunity to share how we view our mission and use it as a guide. Below, I break the mission apart and share what I shared with our faculty and staff as we prepared for this year.


Maclay School is an independent- We have the freedom to take the best practices from any school, any country, any philosophy, and infuse them into our unique education. It also means we have a higher responsibility than most to ensure we deliver on our promises because that is how we define our success.


Non-sectarian- Free from religious and political ties – this is key to our independence and our ability to educate students on all sides of an issue, to build thinkers, to unlock the possibilities that diversity of thought provides


College preparatory school- With the intense expectations and process of attaining the best college education, we strive to prepare our students, EACH student, for their best path. Not one college path, but YOUR college path.


Dedicated to providing a liberal arts education- In a time of specialization and hyper-focus, we remain resolved to developing the whole child. We believe in historical thinkers, we believe in artistic importance, we believe that seeing the world as an interconnected web of riddles and opportunities where mathematics, literature, and the sciences are enriched by each other IS the essence of what a great education is. We allow for specialization around passion; however, to be fully educated, one must be exposed to and appreciate the fullness of all we have to offer.


Enabling each student- Here you are not a head to be counted or a number on a form we send into the government. To EACH student - you are you, unique, different, an individual, gifted, ready to learn, on your way, one of us, a member of our Marauder family.


To develop inherent ability to the fullest extent- We strive not tolose sight that we each come with a tool set. We each see the world and learn differently. We are not a cookie-cutter school; we need and want your thoughts, your wit, your creativity, your spirit, your spark. Our job is to help you find that spark and set the world on fire with it.


With a balance of discipline and freedom- We believe that in order to live life successfully, it is important to master the balance of knowing right from wrong, following you passions in a way that betters yourself and others, and giving you the chance to fail safely without stifling your ambitions to live out your dreams. This is our Mission. This is your mission.


The three most important pieces of the mission to me are Each, Balance, and Liberal Arts. These three virtues are represented in the columns on the 3rd quadrant of our Maclay Crest. These have always been and will continue to be our focus this year as we strive to fulfill our mission. So, I pose the same question to you we pose to our students each day, “As a member of the Marauder family, you are part of our mission...how will you fulfill the mission today?”

James Milford,
Head of School