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Suggested Skills

In order to be best prepared for any level of Algebra 1 in the fall, the Maclay US Math Department has selected the following 8th Grade iXL skills for student review and retention.  Students should work toward a Smart Score of 80 for each skill.  Make sure that you are signed in to record your work.


There will be an assessment based on the work from these sections given during the first week of classes in the fall.

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Number Theory

A.5  Greatest common factor


A.8  Classify numbers



B.1  Integers on number lines


B.3  Absolute value and opposite integers


B.4  Compare and order integers


Operations with Integers

C.3  Add and subtract integers


C.7  Multiply and divide integers


Rational Numbers

D.4  Convert between decimals and fractions or mixed numbers


D.5  Identify rational and irrational numbers


Operations with Rational Numbers

E.2  Add and subtract rational numbers


E.4  Apply addition and subtraction rules


E.5  Multiply and divide rational numbers



Exponents and Roots

F.2  Evaluate exponents


F.7  Evaluate negative exponents


F.10  Multiplication and division with exponents


F.11  Power rule


F.14  Square roots of perfect squares



J.1  Convert between percents, fractions, and decimals


Coordinate Plane

N.1  Coordinate plane review


N.2  Quadrants and axes


Expressions and Properties

V.4  Evaluate one-variable expressions


V.11  Properties of addition and multiplication


One-variable Equations

W.6  Solve one-step equations


W.7  Solve two-step equations