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The Teacher Academy is a community of learners at Maclay School who share expertise, enhance each other's school experiences, strive for professional growth, and celebrate each other's work in their classrooms. 

Maclay Teacher Academy

A new initiative this year, Maclay Teacher Academy, is underway with a group of 12 teachers who have all agreed to be on the front edge of establishing Understanding by Design principles in their classrooms as well as teach examining innovative ideas and fresh challenges in teaching.  Understanding by Design (UbD) is a curriculum approach recently adopted by Maclay School to craft learning goals and activities to facilitate understanding and transfer.   Developed by internationally recognized educators, UbD is a deliberate and focused instructional design framework that places the student at the center and provides amta clear path to understanding.  One of the most important elements of UbD is the assessment of understanding through authentic, real-world performance tasks where students show what they know and reflect on their learning.    These 12 teachers are engaged in trying to work collaboratively toward implementation of the UbD approach in their classrooms.    They will also be visiting other schools and participating in learning activities themselves to help their classrooms become models for others.   Please encourage these exceptional Maclay folks as they take on this important endeavor:  

2016-17 Members

Fran Sandon

Annie Bell

Katie Walker

Laurie Coburn

Emma Perry

Lauren Fantle

Matt Schnippert

Blake Hicks
Mary Byrd Sims
Melissa Minacci
Laura Armstrong
Barbara Rubio-Gomez
Paul Dickson
Maggie Masferrer
Kyle Maury
Lee Norment
Margaret McColley