Go Further

The Maclay Family of Funds

Maclay School has recently established a Family of Funds to match a donor’s personal philanthropic preferences to Maclay’s operating budget. We believe donors want to know how their gift will be used and what it will accomplish. Your Maclay Fund gift can be directed to one of the following budgeted areas most meaningful to you: Academic & Technology Programs, Athletics & Physical Education, Endowment, The Arts, Financial Aid, or Faculty Professional Development. The Maclay Fund family of funds supports the faculty and students through the school's operating budget. Should be directed contributions exceed a fund's budgeted limit, the school's administration reserves the option to direct the use of such contributions to the area of greatest need.



Academic & Technology Programs

aca Maclay is committed to providing a high quality, challenging academic experience preparing every student for a successful future. The Academic & Technology Programs fund supports curricular needs, materials and tools in the classroom that bring subject matter to life for our students. This fund supports things like classroom supplies, software, field trips, participation in Brain Bowl, Foreign Language Expos and more.

Athletics & Physical Education


ath Our goal is to provide each Maclay student with the tools of success not only in their classrooms but on the fields and courts as well. The Athletics and Physical Education Fund supports programs promoting a lifetime of fitness, healthy competition, sportsmanship, exercise, personal growth, and self-respect.


end A gift to the Endowment Fund secures the school's continuing, future financial stability. While endowments are initially established through sizable gifts, directing your Maclay Fund gift in any amount helps strengthen and grow this perpetual source of funds. 

The Arts

art The arts are an integral part of a complete education and greatly enhance a child’s education, self-esteem, and overall academic performance. Supporting the Fine Arts Fund promotes programs that inspire personal creativity and individual expression through a number of different avenues such as drama, music, and the visual arts.

Financial Aid

fa Increased access to the broadest possible range of students enhances Maclay’s ability to attract, enroll and retain students whose contributions, values and attitudes strengthen our learning environment. Donations directed to Financial Aid help reaffirm the Maclay’s long-standing commitment to financial aid for deserving students.



Faculty Professional Development

FG Maclay is dedicated to creating high-quality experiences for every student in every classroom. Increasing opportunities for our faculty to engage in professional growth and development is critical to retaining our great faculty and attracting dynamic new faculty members.