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Past Interviews

Scott Atwell  FSU Alumni President

Jenny Bickell  Psychologist

Garvin Bowden Attorney

Monesia Brown

Matt Brown Banking

Kathryn Cashin  Alumni of Best and Brightest and Youth Leadership

Michele Clarke Banking

Betsy  Couch

Robby Cunningham

Shanna Daniels FSU College of Education Professor

Maureen Daughton  Attorney

Jim Daughton  Attorney

Blake Dowling Alumni and Business Development

Elizabeth Ekk  Real Estate

Marilynn Evert Healthcare

Brad Fantle  Business Owner

Lucia Fontela Business Management

William Green  Financial Planning

Michel Gregory  Talent Recruiter

David Gwynn  Business Owner

Michael Harwin  Attorney

Christopher Heacox Director of Open Nights at Florida State University

Melanie Hunkapiller Microsoft Recruiter

Patrick Hurley Real Estate

Bret Ingerman Technology

Sara Britton Jacobs Advertising 

Dori Kesten Banking

Kimberly King Attorney

Lyla King Florida Lottery

James Kole Recruiter for Vanderbilt Law School

Mary Katharine Lawler  Alumni Insurance

Becky Liner Employment Recruiter

Greg Martin  Technology

Cris Martinez Attorney

Ryan Matthews Alumni Florida League of Cities

John Matthews Healthcare

John Oakley Chief Financial Officer

Dylan  Rivers

Mike Robinson Financial Planning 

Marcia Roitberg Recruiter

Alison Romano Investment Banking

Colin Roopnarine Attorney

Mark Rosser

Nancy Sampson Technology

Ramsay Sims Banker

George Smith Attorney

William Smith Banker

Dena Sokolow Attorney

Melissa Tate Executive Sales