Go Further

Spring 2017 

The Maclay Boys Champions Series welcomes Ervin Lewis to campus on Friday, April 28.  Ervin will share his experiences from his years in collegiate counseling and character education.  He is currently the Senior Associate Athletic Director at the University of North Florida.  A native of Monticello, Ervin also spent time as Director of Football Operations at the University of Alabama-Birmingham and Academic Advisor at the University of Georgia.

The Girls Leadership and Success Series is thrilled to have Kim Lewis back as guest speakers. Miss Lewis is a graduate of Northern Kentucky University and is a full time staff member at Kappa Delta Sorority National Headquarters where she serves as the senior project manager. Her favorite part of her job is getting to speak to high school and college-aged girls about living a confident lifestyle. 

Fall 2016 
On October 20th, Upper School students attended the Girls Leadership and Success Series and the Boys Champions Series as part of the Signature Series Program at Maclay School.  
Our first guest speaker for the Upper School girls was KJ McNamara who works for The Social Excellence Project,  an education and consulting firm that helps attract, engage, and retain the people who matter most to you. "We exist to teach people how to build meaningful connections with others and why that matters." Read more here.

Dan Panaggio was the guest speaker for the Boys Champions Series. Mr. Panaggio has 30 years of coaching experience including 10 years in the NBA. He is a visionary, master teacher, and co-founder of the DME Academy based out of Daytona Beach, Florida. Read more here

Girls Leadership & Success Series and Boys Champions Series

GLSS Maclay School's Girls Leadership and Success Series was established to help our students chart their paths to successful and fulfilling lives of leadership and impact. The GLSS presents a number of meetings throughout the school year, which focus on teaching Maclay’s high school girls skills of self-awareness and confidence to empower them to become leaders in their communities.  The program is a variety of formats from panel discussions to guest speakers to round table topics.
History of GLSS 
Milford first approached Beth Langford a former parent and community leader about the Girls in Leadership & Success Series, and she was happy to jump on board. "I am personally excited and vested in the program, topics, and speakers we are bringing to the female students at Maclay,” said Langford. “Working with young women all over the country for the past 25 years, I have seen firsthand the need for, and benefits of, building confidence and self-esteem in girls. We want them to take away from this program that you CAN do anything!"  From that point a steering committee of faculty and staff who are passionate about this topic was formed to develop the program.
“Confident Leadership is the one trait that has the greatest potential to change the world,” said Maclay’s Head of School James Milford who created the GLSS concept. “Therefore, as we build our leaders at Maclay, we must be purposeful in our work to ensure we are meeting our students where they are and illuminating the way ahead. Learning from those who have gone before us is a part of the pathway to leadership and success. This program is a powerful way to engage and encourage our female leaders of tomorrow.”
The Boys Champions Series evolved after the Girls Leadership & Success Series as we recognize the need to expose our young men in Upper School to mentors and leaders in our community who share words of wisdom and help prepare them for adulthood.  A number of meaningful and inspirational speakers have been guests are the Champions' special assemblies focusing on character building topics such as honesty, integrity, responsibility, duty, loyalty, honor, self-respect, courage, sacrifice, and character.  Though Maclay is an academic institution, we strive to help our students succeed not only in the classroom but become great people and contributors to our community.