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iXL for Middle School

May 2017


Dear Maclay Parents, 

In an attempt to keep our students academically engaged and to allow time for English and Math review during the summer, the Middle School is partnering with IXL Learning - a company that provides a comprehensive review of skills that are aligned with our current curriculum. We highly recommend that all students utilize this excellent program.

IXL is designed to help your child review and refresh skills at his or her own pace. The website is adaptive and will adjust to your child's demonstrated ability level. To successfully benefit from this program, we are strongly recommending your child complete 20 hours of English and 20 hours of Math. You can monitor his/her progress anytime on the Reports page.  More information is available for parents on the Membership tab.


To be sure that students are challenged appropriately, they should choose the grade level and/or the Math/English subject they were enrolled in for the 2016-2017 school year, with the exception of students who completed Geometry in the 2016-2017 school year. Those students should review and refresh Algebra 1 skills in order to be prepared for Algebra 2 in the fall. Once the correct level is chosen, your son/daughter should find a skill set to practice and select a specific one to practice from the list provided. (You can place your mouse over any skill to see a sample question and click on the link to begin.)


One of the best things about the IXL program is that you and your child will be able to access material and track progress from anywhere in the world. You both can access the program by visiting the following website: www.ixl.com/signin/maclayschool. Access to the program will be available through August 12th, when we will disable student logins so that teachers will be able to examine student results and plan their course(s) accordingly. The username and password is your child’s 5 digit student ID number. This ID number can be found on your parent portal or your child’s report card. If you will be accessing the IXL program using an iPad, Android, or Kindle Fire device, download the free app in iTunes or Google Play.

However, if you are using the app or the general ixl.com website, you need to add @maclayschool to your username. So, for example, the username would be 12345@maclayschool and 12345 would be the password. The IXL program is not meant for instruction, only as reinforcement for skills they have been taught previously.

I hope you'll encourage your son or daughter to use IXL daily. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at 850-893-4981. Also, please remember that your Maclay student will still be required to complete his or her summer reading before the start of school.



Pat Ashcroft                                                                

Head of Maclay Middle School