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Middle School Social Studies (6th Grade)

The Middle School Social Studies teacher is a charismatic adult who is committed to a child centered and differentiated approach to student learning and achievement. This mentor-teacher is creative, hardworking, and collaborative in order to work actively on a team of 3 social studies teachers in the Middle School and has a key role of ensuring our 5th grade students transition into Middle School as well as helping students coming from other local schools also make the transition. The subjects of focus are cultural and physical geography. Maclay teachers strive to be student advocates, demonstrate life-long learning, and constantly seek the best ways to motivate peers and students by setting high expectations and leading by example.  Maclay strives to be a child-centered school, thus this teacher will tirelessly seek to find ways to make concepts taught in the class approachable, understandable, and attainable to all learners at Maclay. Prerequisites for the job are a Master’s degree in the subject area and a minimum of 5 years of successful teaching in a similar college preparatory institution.   For more information on this position, direct questions to hiring team leader Pat Ashcroft at pashcrof@maclay.org