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Guest Wireless Registration:

Maclay School provides Guest wireless access in designated areas and times. 
You may fill out the registration form below to request a login for your personal device.  Maclay's wireless does not provide one open password, each guest must register and is given their own personal login.
  • Please be aware all internet activity is monitored and filtered. 
  • You should have no expectation of privacy in your internet activity (both plain text and SSL).
  • Your wireless login can be revoked at anytime.

Guest Wireless Acceptable Use Policy

  • Respect the intellectual property and copyright of materials accessed online 
  • Follow all local and federal laws
  • Do not cause a disturbance to others
  • If you access inappropriate web content close it immediately.  All Internet activity is monitored, logged and filtered.
  • Your Wireless access can be revoked at anytime
 Students and Staff of Maclay School can access the Maclay-Personal-Devices wireless network immediately with their Maclay.org email address and password.