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Visit Maclay School

 To schedule a tour, please contact Garrett Robinson in the Admissions Office at grobinson@maclay.org or 850-893-7857

Shadow Day (through May 12, 2017)

The best way to get a feel for campus life at Maclay is by visiting! Students applying to grades 2-12 are invited to spend the day with us on campus (1st grade applicants are invited to spend a half day). Most shadow days are from 8:30 am - 2:30 pm Monday, Tuesday and Thursdays are typically the best days (Wednesdays are early release days at 2 pm). Prospective students are paired with a Maclay Student Ambassador to experience first-hand a typical day in Marauder Nation.  Guests attend classes, meeting students, faculty and eat in the Dining Hall. Additionally, required interviews for students applying to grades 6-11 can be completed on their shadow day. 


May 12, 2017 - Last Day to Shadow in the Lower School

May 15, 2017- Last Day to Shadow in Middle & Upper School


To schedule a shadow day, contact Muriel Drake in the Admissions Office at mdrake@maclay.org or 850-893-2138


Admission Assessment (grades 1-11) 


An Admission Assessment is required of all students applying to grades 1-12. This exam is used by the Admissions Committee as an evaluative tool and therefore no letter grade will be assigned. Students and parents will not be notified as to how students perform on the exam.  This assessment measure's an applicant's academic potential based on our Upper School curriculum. Satisfactorily performing in these skill sets can be used as a predictor of an applicant's academic success at Maclay


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Exam Dates

Administered on most week days between 8:30 am - 2:30 pm for students applying to grades 1-11.  


Allotted Time for Exams 


Lower School: 45 minutes

Middle School: 60 minutes

Upper School: 75 minutes